Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thing #23---Yeay I made it!!!!

My favorite discoveries in the exercise were the RSS feeds and the cartooning. I am not a person who draws but I can see that I could make really cute cards and posters with the Disney characters. I really love the instructional podcasts!

My lifelong learning goals include learning about new/old quilting techniques which will make my hobby and creativity more accurate! I love the quilting RSS feeds. They have opened a whole new world. Don't have to depend totally on books when I need instruction or tips! Watch a podcast!

I was surprised that I could create a blog. Mine is very plain, but it is fun to look at other people's and the fun they are having with discoveries.

Thanks for all the challenges in this new computer geeky world, although there were times that I was not sure I'd get through them all!


Thing # 22 Media and book downloads

I used the TumbleBooks storybook because I have never used it before. It was way easier thatn OverDrive because there was no extra download to do. I think these are wonderful library options for customers and have used the e-book before.

After I get over the initial momentary dread that I don't know what to do, I can help the customer. The OverDrive Help is very good as a tutor help.

Thing #21 Podcasts

Took me a few minutes to relearn adding an RSS feed, but got a good craft one.

I think the podcasts could be used as a great teaching tool for how to use the library catalog, the Internet, and for doing an online book discussion! Book reviewing could be done on a podcast.

Thing # 20 YouTube

I looked at instructional videos on Y-seams which I will soon be doing on a new quilt. the one without sound was actually quicker and clearer than some of them with sound!! I prefer YouTube over Yahoo or Google videos--better look, to the point. Now when I can't get to a quilt store to buy an instructional book, I can just hop onto YouTube!! Cool!

I think it could be used for training in libraries and giving visual instructions on several library uses--how to search our website for one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thing # 19 Discovering web 2.0 tools

I am not an artist or comic writer, but I went into the Disney's Comic Creator. I chose Minnie Mouse and changed her eyes to a wink, and changed her hat and shirt. I titled it Minnie Goes Shopping, and told the short entry that she was winking because she is using Mickey's credit card. How fun! What happened to those days of copyright worries????

I think this 2.0 tool would be great for making posters with cartoons to announce children's programs.

Thing #18 Zoho Writer

Made a word document with an imported picture about Thanksgiving and Santa Claus. I hope very few people are following my blog--one follower is listed! Not much in my blog.

I like the Zoho Writer and can see very good immediate sharing of information, pics, etc. I am always tickled when I actually learn one of these new methods!